Course #01 – 5 days (Intermediate to Advanced level)
- Integration of Geomodelling, Flow Simulation & Economics in Field Development

Who should attend:
Geoscientists (Geology, Geophysics & Petrophysics); Reservoir & Petroleum Engineers, Project Economists

Course Overview:

  • 80% Teaching & 20% Practical (FDP Optimisation & Full Economics)
  • Earth-scientists gain insight into dynamic simulation and how to build static geomodels that best replicate flow behaviour
  • Reservoir & Petroleum Engineers gain understanding of the complexities of Reservoir Characterisation, and the challenges of capturing heterogeneities that most affect flow behaviour
  • Reserves and Resource definitions and computations
  • Field Development Design, Project Economics, Cashflow modelling, Risk/ Ranking and FID complement the course
  • Emphasis is on integration and application of static and dynamic modelling in Field Development to maximize recovery & reserves, optimize well numbers & placement, lower investment & operating costs, maintaining best industry practises including HSE
  • Participants split in teams for Tutorial. Present analysis, results, conclusions & recommendations, in 20 minute presentation on final day
Oil & Gas GeoEngineering — Course #01 — Integration of Geomodelling, Flow Simulation & Economics in Field Development
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  • Balance payable 15 working days before start of the course

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