Course #04 – 5 days (Entry to Intermediate level)
- Practical Reservoir Engineering & Flow Simulation

Who should attend:
Geoscientists (Geology, Geophysics & Petrophysics); Junior Reservoir Engineers; Anyone interested in Flow Simulation

Course Overview:

  • 50% Teaching & 50% Practical
  • Fundamentals of i) Reservoir Engineering [Fluid and Rock Properties; Drive mechanisms, productivity and ultimately recovery] and ii) flow simulation. Basic Well Testing is covered, to understand how they are carried out, their results analysed & what information is gained. Dynamic Simulators reviewed (Black Oil vs. Comp.), initialisation (Black Oil only).
  • Optimization of well numbers & their placement, lowering investment & operating costs while maintaining best industry practises & HSE covered. Resource definitions & their computation. Course ends on economics, Reservoir Engineers often responsible for reserves & economic assessment.
  • Participants split into teams for tutorial where they are provided with static model they must initialise & flow. Use model to test different FDP scenarios
  • Determine optimal development scenario. Compute in place & recoverable resources. Run cashflow and assess economics.
  • Teams given 20 minutes to present evaluation results, conclusions & recommendations on final day
  • Participants must have basic skills in PETREL, PETREL RE & ECLIPSE software (Schlumberger).
  • Non-refundable 10% of fees payable within 10 working days of Registration Request
  • Balance payable 15 working days before start of the course

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